Electronic Engineering

SinTau s.rl. is a new Italian consultancy making a name for itself in digital electronics design, principally in the fields of computer and telecommunication. SinTau has all the creative ingenuity, experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure a client’s product is optimized for the chosen production processes and achieves the goals the client sets, in particular performance, cost of manufacture and time to market. Collaboration with SinTau. Has proven to be a major boost to a clients’ own abilities and a very efficient way to make any stage in the process faster, more productive and more profitable. SinTau guarantees a successful product outcome.

SinTau S.r.l. manage all phases of a project, spanning;

  • Project planning and development
  • High level service in telecommunications
  • High level preparation in electronic and computer fields
  • Marketing of technologically advanced products

Hardware development

SinTau experience in Hw design covers embedded system design, FPGA and PLD design, system model and analysis. The microprocessors and microcontrollers span from Cortex M0/M3/M4 to Cortex A5/A8/A9, from ARM single core, dual core e quad cores to x86. The networking interfaces span from Ethernet (Fast and Gigabit) to xDSL (ADSL2/2+, VDSL2), from WiFi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) to GPRS/3G/4G. Other fields of interest are Voice and Video over IP and sensor networks. 

Software development

 SinTau experience in Sw design covers Linux kernel hacking and device drivers development, support for BSP development and customization, Real Time operating systems for microcontroller, Web based application and network manager. 

R & D

SinTau participated in international projects in telecommunication, electronics and computer science areas. Current research projects include leading-edge networking such as WiFi/3G Offload, smart grid systems including IEEE 1588, smart cities and cryptography applied to mobile transactions.

SinTau is able to offer an entirely optimised design solutions and as a result, an exclusive range of high-performance products. The company puts its ongoing success down to the expertise, experience and technical background of the people it employs. This knowledge and experience base is kept fresh by the company’s continual, heavy investment in research. The company enjoys close collaborative links with leading universities, proposing research projects and proving internships to the most promising graduate students.


  • Consulting and Conceptual Development of new products
  • Electronic Prototypes Design and Development
  • Hardware Platforms Design and Development
  • FPGA Design and Development
  • Software Design, Development and Porting
  • Embedded Operating System Evaluation and Porting
  • Assisting with product and project definitions
  • Reference platform evaluation and suitability for use
  • Troubleshooting and Optimisation
  • Increasing the performance and maintainability of existing systems
  • Sample Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing support

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