Gropius – Concentratore MultiUtility per Smart City

Gropius - Concentratore MultiUtility per Smart City

What is the Gropius System?
The Gropius System is a data concentrator system developed in order to be used in Multiutility, Smart Cities and IoT environments.

The main features of the Gropius System are:
open architecture about communication media: you can interface Gropius with almost any wireless and wired device
open architecture about communication and managing protocols: you can communicate using almost any protocol, or develop your own
• the possibility to implement many virtual control networks on the same physical network
• the possibility to integrate many Smart City and IoT solutions
• ready to use Zabbix 2.4 as device management system

How is the Gropius System arranged?
The Gropius System is made up by two main elements: the Gropius MUC and Zabbix management system.

The Gropius MUC is a MultiUtility Concentrator performing the following features:
• very high performances
• Linux based system
• Gigabit Ethernet
• GPRS\3G\4G
• WiFi IEEE 802.11 g\n
• PLC HomePlugAV, HomeGreenPHY, G3

The Gropius MUC is available with standard housing DIN or 19” rack 1U optionally.

What’s the main goal of the Gropius System?
Open architecture is the main goal of the Gropius System. It means the possibility to:
• easily and quickly develop new devices and new communication interfaces
• integrate new sensor networks and support new communication protocols without changing the infrastructure.

What standard management system means?
Using a standard management system means:
• standard usability
• easy upgradable system
• quick configurability
• wide interfacing
• high scalability
• deep control over the system

Where to use the Gropius System?
It fits better in Smart Metering (eg: water & gas metering) and Smart Lighting environment, but it is designed to be applied in the fields of Smart City and IoT of course.
Once you have made up the infrastucture based on the Gropius System, the growing and updating model is really simple and easy: you will add and update
communication technology without loss for your investment!

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