QUIPU_MB_EP – A370_Q7_COM Module. Motherboard Evaluation Platform

QUIPU_MB_EP - A370_Q7_COM Module. Motherboard Evaluation Platform

A370_Q7_MB_EP is an evaluation platform designed to provide support for A370_Q7_COM module. It has been designed in a MinITX format in order to allocate it in a standard mechanical box. It offers a variety of interfaces commonly used in networking and storage interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, USB 2.0 interfaces, eSATA, SD card socket and audio interface. A board support package for Linux is available.


• On board AEC Microsemi ZL38004
• 1 analog input port to connect a headset or microphone
• 1 differential analog out port with a class D amplifier
• 1 single ended or differential output port

Module interface

• Q7 module connector
• Custom Q7 pinout


• 2 GbE switch Marvell 88E6352
• 5 GbE ports on each switch


• 1 eSATA connector
• 1 uSD card socket

PCI Express

• 1 MiniPCIExpress connection
• Support for USB on PCIe connector


• On board 4 downstream ports hub (USB2514)
• 4 USB A type connectors

Power Supply

• +12V DC +/-5%
• +3V6…+4V2 (single Lithium cell)